You are by law,  required to advise us if your dog has ever shown signs of aggression or has been aggressive. We may refuse the right to groom any dog that shows aggression while in our care, although we are happy to have a pre groom consultation with you and your dog and advise from there.   We try our best not to use muzzles, but sometimes for the safety of ourselves, it may be necessary.  If we groom your dog and it becomes too stressed/aggressive, you will be required to collect your dog at once - even if your dogs groom is unfinished and payment in full is required. 



If your dog has a skin complaint/allergy, please inform us at time of booking and please feel free to bring any veterinary shampoo / own doggy towel you may have or want to use.  We also do NOT use cologne on any dogs with any skin complaints or allergies.



Cancellation / missed  appointment fees will be charged at 100% of your appointment price if not cancelled with at least 24 hours notice of appointment time.



We abide by the Animal Welfare act 2007 section 5, where it states ALL ANIMALS ARE TO BE PROTECTED FROM PAIN, INJURY, SUFFERING AND DISEASE.  De-matting is extremely painful and therefore we refuse to de-matt severely matted dogs.


If your dog is very matted they may need clipping off and we will always contact you before this takes place, so please ensure you have checked your telephone number with us.  PLEASE NOTE: clipping off a matted coat may cause skin irritation. You will be required to sign a PERMISSION TO SHAVE A MATTED COAT form.


Clipping off matted coats will be charged at a higher rate due to extra time and wear/tear on our equipment.  Grooming your dog is meant to be a pleasure and not a bad experience.  We are happy to offer full grooming advice and recommend the best tools for the job.  You will also be advised how regularly to have your dog groomed.  We also offer in between grooms.



All puppy vaccinations must have been completed as per vet's advice.  We feel that puppies need to come for baths/grooms from a young age, so they get to know all the sounds, smells and what is going to happen when they come for their bath/groom. It is also for them to get to know us and they get to know that YOU (their mummy or daddy) WILL BE BACK TO COLLECT THEM!!  We are animal lovers and will not cause any animal distress.



Whilst in our care, your dog will be treated and groomed as if it were our own.  We like to build a trusting relationship with all of our dogs.  We will tell you if your dog has been well behaved while in our care and if your dog has misbehaved, we will let you know so that we can talk through any issues and give the care and extra time your dog may require and deserve.  We strive to make the grooming process an enjoyable experience for your dog!



The equipment we use is of top quality.  We have an electric grooming table, which lowers down to the floor allowing your dog to walk on and off.  We use quieter dryers, so as not to frighten your dog and the blaster we use is multi speed, allowing us to use slow blowing air if your dog is nervous. Tools we use are bought from only professional grooming companies, as our our shampoos, colognes & conditioners.



Barbicide is used to clean all tools, the grooming table and bath after each dog.  Each dog has clean fresh towels for drying off.  Fresh, clean water is ALWAYS used for EACH dog, we DO NOT recycle any water at all.



We pride ourselves on cleanliness, so we would ask that you ensure your dog's flea treatment is up to date at least 1 week before your appointment.  If we do find fleas on your dog during the grooming process, we will let you know immediately.  An additional charge will be made to cover the cost of fumigating the salon before we can groom the next dog.  This is to ensure NO cross contamination takes place and our hygiene standards are maintained.  If you suspect your dog has fleas, please let us know straightaway and we can offer you treatment advice or see your usual vet for treatment.


Many thanks for taking the time to read!!  A clean, well groomed doggy is a happy doggy!


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