The grooming process


  • We need a space to park our large parlour van outside of your home/work unrestricted.

  • We need to be able to run an extension cable directly to your house safely.

If you live in flats, or anywhere we are NOT able to park immediately outside, you will need to contact us on 07988 730006 before your appointment, as there will be a call out charge if we come out to you on the day and we are not able to park or get to a power point.

  • Please ensure that your dog has had a good walk before we arrive.  The less energy your dog has, the more likely it is that they will relax and enjoy themselves!  This also gives your dog chance to go to the toilet.



New clients are required to fill out a grooming disclaimer form with owner/dog/vet/illness/ temperament details etc.  It is also the owners responsibility to let us know if ANY of these details change.


The groomer will have a pre groom chat with you to discuss the grooming plan for your dog.  Please discuss your EXACT requirements with the groomer and they will let you know if that is achievable.  It is not a good idea to leave doggy with a friend and expect them to know how you would like it groomed!


If you have any recent pictures of your dog when it is groomed, they will be helpful!  If there is anything you would like changed post groom, PLEASE tell us!  We are not mind readers and we want you to be TOTALLY satisfied!



  • Clipping/trimming of the coat

  • Ear plucking (if needed)

  • Nail trimming (if needed)

  • Wash of the coat using a suitable shampoo for your dog

  • Conditioning treatment

  • Ear & eye cleanse

  • Hand dry

  • Finished with a cologne of your choosing

  • Next appointment will be made



Please note that we accept both cash & card payments (mobile phone signal permitting).  We do NOT accept cheques as payment.







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